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Baby Shower Games No. 3

Guess the Baby Food

For this game you will need to go to the supermarket and buy jars of baby food. Get fruity types and savoury types - and the more ingredients in them the better. About 5 or 6 jars will be enough.

Carefully wrap paper around the labels so that people won't be able to read what's inside the jars. Give each jar a letter - i.e. the first will be Jar A, then Jar B then so on. Write their letter on the front with a texta pen. Line the jars up on a table, with a teaspoon for each jar, and plenty of napkins.

For this game each person will need also need to be given a piece of paper and a pen.

To play the game, get the group to line up, and take turns to sample the baby food. They should use the teaspoon to scoop a bit of baby food out and put it on the back of their hand to taste it, or sniff it (they'll be people who won't want to eat it!). They then have to write down what they think are the exact ingredients of the baby food. Once everyone has had a go, get them to sit down, and ask them for their opinions for Jar A, then reveal the answer by peeling off the label! Do the same with all jars.

A point for each correct ingredient named. The winner is the person with the most points. | Privacy | Disclaimer | Add Links | Resources