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Baby Trivia questions

In this game the host asks a series of baby trivia questions, and the person who has the most correct in the end wins. Here are some sample questions and answers!

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Pregnancy questions:

Q: How many weeks gestation for humans is the so-called full term of pregnancy?
A: 40 weeks

Q: Approximately at what rate does a baby's heart beat inside the mother's womb? 
A: 120 - 160 beats

Q: What is mastitis?
a) A particular type of swelling of the gums during pregnancy
b) A type of baby rash
c) An inflammation of the breast

Q: What are kegel exercises?
a) They are strengthening exercises for your pelvic floor muscles
b) They are exercises performed with a swiss ball
c) They are exercises to do with your upper thighs

Celebrity Baby Questions:
Q: Name all the children of Angelina and Brad Pitt
A: Maddox, Zahara, Pax, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne

Q: Who has baby Honor?
A: Jessica Alba

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