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Dress the Baby Game

In this game you can either have one person playing against the clock, or two or more people playing against each other.

You need a baby doll per person Ė preferably the life size ones (ask your friends with kids if they have any you can borrow, or pay a trip to the Salvos), and as much fiddly baby clothing you can find, and preferably a nappy Ė disposable or cloth.

The goal is to get the baby dressed from top to toe in as little time as possible. We recommend clothes such as full bodysuits with the popper buttons that have that knack of never matching up.

Itís even more fun to play if you have men/people playing who have never been near a baby change mat before.

Hereís a suggested list of clothing items:

  • Disposable nappy
  • alternatively a cloth nappy terry towel square with safety pin, plus cover
  • (for fun you could also include talcum powder which they need to dowse on the babyís bum before the nappy goes on - although this isnít common practise these days).
  • Singlet
  • Full body suit ie full length arms and legs.
  • Cardigan/jacket
  • Mittens
  • Socks or booties
  • Beanie/hat
  • Bib

The winner is the person who can dress the baby in the shortest time, or if more than two players (definitely more fun), the first one to correctly and completely dress up their baby. | Privacy | Disclaimer | Add Links | Resources